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If you have something that you think should be published here, just send it to us. We will be too glad to include your expertise and knowledge on this website.

Here are a few guidelines that you need to take care of while sending your posts to us:

  1.  You need to give a suitable title to your post.
  2. You will quote within brackets the source of your information (website links or reference of books) so that due credits are given to the source authors and mentions made about the authenticity of the content.
  3. When giving facts in an article, please give them para wise with a suitable subtitle to the fact.
  4. You need not search or worry about the images for your articles. We will do that for you. However, if you have some, you are welcome to send them as attachments.
  5. Please be original in your writing. We do not accept any copy/pastes and check every content for plagiarism.
  6. Before you submit, please recheck your content for any grammatical errors, and fix them.

Please note, contributions made by you, are taken as pure voluntary. You will get the credit as the author of the article if it gets published.

Thank You

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