Guru ji jahan baithu vahan chhaya ji hindi

गुरु जी, जहाँ बैठूं वहां छाया जी

गुरु जी, जहाँ बैठूं वहां छाया जी

सोही तो मालक म्हारी नज़रां आया जी

Guru ji, jahan baithu vahan chhaya ji

So hi to malak mera najrana aaya ji.
O’ my beloved Guruji, wherever I am, i experience the thick shadow of the divine grace. It’s such wonderful bliss!
And I get the most precious gift meant for a true spiritual seeker, the experience of the supreme self!
This is nirguni bhajan of Deva Nath. Kumar Gandharva has soulfully sung it. This is a state of mind of a realised seeker. The seeker who has experienced the truth! The seeker who has seen the god! The seeker who has experienced the supreme consciousness!
The realised soul is reflecting the deep sense of gratitude towards his guru, the spiritual master who facilitated this experience for him.
The guru guides the disciple in his spiritual journey with the words of wisdom. The seeker persistently continues his spiritual efforts. And one fine moment
arrives that the summit of ultimate consciousness is reached. The obsever and observed lose the duality and only observation remains.
At such moment, the seeker spontaneously expresses his deep sense of gratitude towards his guru saying, ‘O’ my beloved Guruji, wherever I am, i experience the thick shadow of the divine grace. Its bliss!’
गेरा गेरा, झाड़ झाड़, शीतल छाया,
म्हारा सतगुरु देखन आया जी
Gera gera jhad jhad sheetal chhayaa ji
Mhara hain satguru dekhan aaya ji
And the seeker says wherever i go, in every experience of my life, in each place, in every situation, every time i experience the cool shadow of the ultimate bliss! Such is the powerful experience that the there is no conditioning of the space and time for this experience. And he expresses the deep gratitude again for his master, the guru saying, its my satguru, who has shown me this divine light!
कुम्हार्य जो धारती, ये कलश मंगाया
म्हारे सद्गुरु जी ने भेंट  चढ़ाया जी
Kumharya jo dharati ye kalash mangaaya
Mhare satguru ne bhent chadhaayaa ji
The potter, who collects the good clay, cleans it, sorts the unwanted dirt out, mixes with water, makes good dough and then makes nice pot out of it, similarly my guru has accepted me with all my good and bad qualities, he gave me time, answered my queries, guided me with the spiritual practice, he showed utmost patience towards me and helped me to seek the truth! So, i am like the satvic pot that my guru has made out of the non refined clay of my personality which was full of saatvic, rajas and tamas gunas.
तन भर ताला, शब्द भर कुंजी
म्हारे सतगुरु ने खोल बताया जी
Tan bhar tala, shabad bhar kunji
Mhare satguru ne khol bataya ji
I was trapped into body consciousness. I limited my existence to my body. This ignorance of mine was a root cause of my suffering. It deprived me of the experience of joy! The bliss. My guru helped me get out of this limitation whith the help of shabad, the key to open the lock of limited consciousness to enter the kingdom of supreme consciousness. My guru opened this lock with the mantra. He gave me the mantra. He gave me the practice. He showed me the light. All these worked a s ke key to liberate my self from the locked being!
जीव नगर में, कान्त भरानु
म्हारे सद्गुरु ने शोध लगाया जी
Jeev nagar mein kaant bharanu
Mhare satguru ne shodh lagaayaa ji
The life of mortals is full of sufferings and sorrow. It is full of obstacles. Day to day life
 is so full of problems like the the thorns laid down on the path at every step. It is my guru who warned me of the horns. He showed me the horns and helped me clear the path. He helped me remove my sufferings. He helped me redifine sufferings. He helped me open my eyes. He helped me refine my actions. He helped me with the energy of persistence. Hence i am here at the summit experiencing the bliss of the supreme!
दोई कर जोड़ देवा नाथ बोल्या
म्हणे केसर तिलक चढ़ाया जी
Doi kar jod Deva Naath bolyaa
Mhane kesar tilak chadhaaya ji
With the folded hands, says Deva Naath that he applies the saffron spot on the forehead of the guru ji!
The disciple is so content now. Now he is happy. He has deep sense of gratitude. He has sense of reverence towards the guru who made him reach the goal. Out of such umatched sense of request, the disciple worships the guru with the kesar tilak. The saffron spot. This is a traditional way of worship.
Jai Gurudev!!!
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  1. Deepak Singh Rawat

    निःसंदेह आपको बहुत कम टिप्पणी प्राप्त होंगी। कोई बात नही।
    अमृत पान करने का सौभाग्य कुछ एक जीव आत्माओं को ही प्राप्त होता है। मेरी आत्मा के लिए संतुष्टि दायक भोज है। इस तृप्ति के लिए आपका आभार।

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